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Traditional custodians are the term used to
describe the original Aboriginal people who inhabited an area. Traditional
custodians today are the descendants of these original inhabitants and have
ongoing spiritual and cultural ties to the land and waterways where their
ancestors lived.


traditional Aboriginal culture, Elders are custodians of traditional knowledge
and customs and are charged with the responsibility of providing guidance to
the community on cultural matters. It is the Elders who hold the Traditional
history, know the culture and pass on laws that govern the community on which
they are traditionally bloodline to.

The term
Elder is used to describe people who have knowledge, wisdom and the respect of
their community. An Elder is not necessarily an older person, but must have the
trust and respect of their community and be recognised as a cultural knowledge

Many Elders within the Traditional
areas of Yuggera, Turbul, Ugarupul and Yugembeh were brought to the area
through unforeseen means including past Acts and legislation relating to
Aboriginal people. Although many of these Elders have great Cultural knowledge,
we must still remember that the Traditional Custodians must always be




Yuggera/Turbul/Ugarupul countries takes in areas from
Caboolture River down to Logan River out to the foothill near Warwick and Toowoomba.
(Brisbane Ipswich Logan)

Nunukul country takes in Stradbroke Island and Redlands areas.

Yugembeh Country takes in areas from the Albert River down to the
Tweed River and inland to the Mountains.